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I am Creative in my ideas, Dedicated to my work, and Positive towards life.
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“Conquer your Mind and you can Conquer the Universe” —Guru Nanak
As a person, I am Creative, Committed and Positive towards my work. I live in present and do not think much about past or future. A lot of dreams are there, to make them true. So I believe in working hard, party hard, give time to family and enjoy life.


Now, briefly on my technical experience, I am a Full Stack Developer and telecommunication expert with over 10 years of work experience in development/testing of Embedded and Wireless system software’s such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/LTE (2G/2.5G/3G/4G) protocols. I love web development and well versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Jquery, Angular4.0, Angular2.0, Node.js, PHP, Perl, Python, Django and Mysql.


Apart from working full time on Web Technologies and telecommunication domain, I love to spend my time on the Web and started my web journey ~9 years ago. I am Web addict, developer, freelancer, blogger and research writer. I spend my weekends in developing web applications, websites, reading and writing technical blogs, researching on new web advancements.


I always ready to learn something new and very creative and inventive in nature.
My Career
Launched my Startup (Neighbium Technologies)

Launched my Startup (Neighbium Technologies)

NEIGHBIUM is a cloud-based society management solution with a vision to make your society better managed and strongly connected.

It’s easy to use interface, incredible action center, inter society connection feature and ability to manage helpdesk issues, book facilities are unbeatable.


NEIGHBIUM is a one stop destination for your society needs to simplify association operations, save significant time and money and improve satisfaction of owners and tenant


If you have a vision to revolutionize and create better housing and sustainable neighbourhood, Let’s work together.

Technical Consultant – Client: Samsung Electronics (South Korea)

Technical Consultant – Client: Samsung Electronics (South Korea)

Sep 2012 ~ Mar 2017

Currently, I am part of Samsung, South Korea team from around 3 years, working on Samsung BSS system which provide an all-in-one solution for operator network access requirements.

I am responsible for:

  • Verification of Telecom technologies including LTE, WCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
  • Worked closely with the customer to provide support & resolution of problems related to End to End Network Testing.
  • Verification of Algorithm testing, Release Testing, Regression Testing, Performance and Capacity Testing.
  • KPI Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Field Testing and analysis for complete network performance monitoring.

Awards Received:


Puneet Singh Nanda Snap Award Aricent ( Team Excellence Award – Client First

SNAP award for Team Excellence for extraordinary commitment, teamwork, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills demonstrated.

Integration of Motorola BTS with NSN BSC (Swindon, UK)

Integration of Motorola BTS with NSN BSC (Swindon, UK)

Jan 2011

I travelled to Swindon, United Kingdom for Integration of Motorola BTS with NSN BSC along with other BSS Network elements and agreement on the requirements proposals and change requests.

Award Received:

Puneet Singh Nanda Snap Award Aricent ( Satisfaction Award 

SNAP award for Highest Customer Satisfaction is awarded for showing extraordinary technical aptitude and customer focused attitude. 

Senior Software Engineer (Client: Nokia Networks)

Senior Software Engineer (Client: Nokia Networks)

Jan 2007 ~ Aug 2012

I was responsible for developing the Embedded Application Software For NOKIA-PCU.

NOKIA-PCU aims to provide a future proof platform and capacity for features needed to support Internet and multimedia services. Within Base Station Sub-system (BSS), Packet Control Unit (PCU) is responsible for providing GPRS services to the mobiles.

  • Understanding Customer requirements from Requirement Specification and acceptance /rejection of requirements.
  • Preparation of new design proposals and effort estimation.
  • Coding, Integration and Testing for Application Software Modules.
  • Debugging and fixing end to end CS and PS call issues.
  • Leading the team and solving the issue arises during the development or testing.

Award Received:

Puneet Singh Nanda Snap Award Aricent ( Technical Project Award

SNAP award for Best Technical Project for developing the Project with no bugs/issues reported from Customer.

Joined Aricent Group

Joined Aricent Group

Joined Aricent on Jan’2007 as a Software Engineer

Software Engineer at Value One Infotech

Software Engineer at Value One Infotech

Jan 2006 ~ Dec 2006

I was working in the project: e-CRM e11 Helpdesk solution. E11 Helpdesk is a web based eCRM product, developed to help organizations provide efficient customer service through Ticket Management System and Self-help.

  • Developing main interface of Application in AJAX.
  • Inserting, retrieving of data to and from database, developed toolbar.
  • Automatic record updated after certain period without clicking refresh button.
  • Handle Admin part of the application.

Technology: PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle8i, Postgres

Journey Into Work Started

Journey Into Work Started

College Ends and Journey to real life begins……



Services & Skills

Free Services

To help my Sikh Brothers and Sisters in their businesses, I have started following free services:

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Website Development

I love creativity and same can be seen in my every website. I am a Zend certified Engineer (PHP Certification) and passionate to create dynamic websites.
Few Samples:

Check more work by clicking the below link.

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Mobile App Development

Whenever I get the time after working hours, I love to devote my time enhancing skills in development of Android applications.
Below are few apps developed by me:

    • Turn your website into an Android App
    • Registration and Authentication using PHP, JSON & MYSQL
    • E-commerce application for selling and buying products or services
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Take a look at some of my skills

2G, 3G, 4G Wireless Development and TestingExpert
MYSQL/MS AccessAdvanced
Android DevelopmentIntermediate
Digital Media (Photoshop, Video Making)Expert
Strategy and Creativity in Task CompletionExpert

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