I am having 9+ years of experience working in Telecommunication wireless domain.

    • Samsung BTS/BSC development and validation (In Samsung Korea)
      • Validation of Uplink and Downlink GSM and GPRS Power Control.
      • Validation of feature GSM Full Rate / GSM Half Rate / AMR Full Rate / AMR Half Rate
      • Validation of Emergency call/Flexible SDCCH allocation / Combined CCCH+SDCCH Features
      • Validation of Handover Feature / Abis Over IP / Abis Over TDM / Early TCH Assignment


    • Embedded Application Software For NOKIA-PCU
      • Development of Packet Abis Feature
      • Development of Cabis Feature
      • Development of EGPRS2 Feature
      • Development of Super Extended Cell Feature
      • Validation of Dynamic UL/DL TBF Management, Extended UL/DL TBF Support / Extended Dynamic Allocation / Link adaptation / DTM

These are just a very few work mentioned by me. Please download my resume to know more…