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June 6 2015
business-risk-advisory copy

Have you ever imagined what will you lose if you start your own business or become an Entrepreneur? Ask yourself “What am I really risking if things doesn’t work out as it should come? Will I be worse off than I[…]

June 5 2015
top 8 takeaway before leaving the job 2015

Over the past many years, you might have spent a lot of time sitting in corporate cubicles and do the work which we’re are not passionate about. You wanted to start your own business but what is stopping you is[…]

March 2 2015
Guru granth sahib on life, water, universe and life1

Although Earth was created around 4.5 billion years ago, life began to exist not long after. Still Scientists do not know how life began on Earth. This article has Quotes fromGuru Granth Sahib on Universe, Quotes on how air or[…]

January 25 2015
baba deep singh (

Baba Deep Singh Ji’s parents were very hard working farmers in Amritsar, India. They always wish to have one child but had not been blessed with any for 20 years. A Sikh saint told them to not be disheartened, one[…]

December 20 2014
Chaar Sahibzaade - 8 qualities of sahibzaades

The educations gained by the chaar sahibzaade’s were way beyond their age. Sahibzaada Ajit Singh and sahibzaada Jujhar singh were well educated in philosophy, history and religious texts and had training in the martial arts such as horse riding, swordsmanship[…]

December 7 2014
defeating the enemy of success

Everyone want to be successful in life in whatever they do but very few of us are willing to make the effort and the sacrifices to become successful. Failure is the path to success, so one should learn from it and[…]

December 6 2014
8 effective ways to become professional

It is very important to behave “professionally” in the workplace. Becoming professional at work begins with having a positive attitude toward your job. If you want to stay ahead, be productive, and your boss think of you as an asset[…]

November 23 2014
truth path (

Sikh believes that everything that happens is Hukam – the will of God. There is a part of God in every person and this soul is released from cycle of rebirth when person dies. Each time something dies, the soul[…]

November 21 2014
steal knowledge Sikh professionals (

Do you think stealing is bad? Yes, it is bad, if you are not stealing the right thing. Say for instance, If you are stealing the money, it will be spend one day. If you are stealing the people, they[…]