Hey friends, Are you looking for the innovative ideas to earn money online while studying in college? or you are looking to earn part time money for paying tuition fees, or for fun, movies, entertainment or whatever. I am giving you unique, innovative and creative ways to generate lot of money.

Before proceeding, keep one thing in mind, nothing comes easy in life and so do money. You should have some skills which you can sell in the market and earn few bucks.


List of innovative and creative ideas to earn money


#1 Sell your college assignment and articles online

These  days college student are looking for ready made assignments which includes essays, articles, proposals and research work.  These students get their work done by someone and pass them off as their own. However some students do purchase assignments or reports in order to study from them or use them as resource. So If you have college assignments than you can sell them to these students and earn few bucks in good time. There are websites like Study link and Gazhoo where you can sell your documents.

upload a document

#2 Create a cartoon avatar and sell it on 5$ to 10$

If you are good in drawing than create a cartoon avatar for people and sell it online for 5 to 10$. These avatars are very popular in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Having an avatar that represents user, a thought, a mood, or an idea (while preserving user privacy) is getting more and more useful (and fun!) with time. You can sell these cartoon avatars on sites like Fiverr or Fourer which enable you to creatively sell your services and make a few dollars in the process.

cartoon avatars


#3 Design stunning and beautiful business cards

If you are good in Graphics designing than you can design stunning and beautiful business cards and sell it to the companies or start-ups for 10$. There are several start-up companies looking for graphic designers for small amount of work. So this is the best part time work you can opt for during your college days.

business cards


#4 Review and Rate Android, IOS or windows Application as a user

These days almost every one has smart phones and tons of applications are getting downloaded every day and we use them in our day to day activities. For instance, if you want “Birthday Reminder” app and you search on App store for such application, you will be amazed to see thousands of “Birthday Reminder” applications. Now what we do in these cases, we check for the stats and reviews section to decide which one to download. Most of the companies want to understand the honest user perspective for their application. You can review their application features for usability, compatibility and scalability and earn yourself some dollars. You can offer review of the apps on sites like Fiverr or Fourer which enable you to creatively sell your services and make a few dollars in the process.



#5 Record a video testimonials for the products, application or anything

Videos are perfect when it comes to generating business and will help to increase traffic and sales for the product, business or website. So you can offer to record a testimonial video for any product by giving your positive feedback on the product. As you know there are lot of competition in the market and video testimonial from the user is certainly boost up the sales of the product. You need not to buy the product prior to making a video testimonial. You can use the script given by the buyer and make a video of it. Thats it!! you will be awarded with good amount of money.



#6 Remotely fix and solve PC related problems

If you are computer engineer or you have skills to solve any PC related problem than sell your skills online to those people who are in need. Now a days almost every one is connected via internet and every one want every thing at the step of their door.  So you can help people remotely fix any computer or windows problem like removing virus, fixing windows, tweaking windows, troubleshooting computer system etc. You can use Team Viewer software to remotely access computer anywhere in the world or you can use Skype to give computer tech support .

remote support to solve PC problems


#7 Solve any programming related queries or assignments

If you are doing computer engineering and have good programming skills than you can help other students around the world for any programming related assignments or queries. In college, professors gives the assignment to every student with the deadline and there are students who are not proficient in programming languages and seeks for help. You can help them in completing their assignment and earn yourself some bucks.



#8 Participate in consumer focus groups

Agencies and product manufacturers recruit consumers to participate in either online or in-person focus groups to analyze consumer shopping behavior and attitudes. These focus groups can be quite lucrative and pay up to $100 per hour; However, participants have to dependable, logging in or showing up at the focus group site each week or whenever they’re requested to do so.

online focus group


#9 Fill out online surveys

Companies are endlessly offering surveys to consumers to fill out but not all these surveys pay money. However, there are sites which pay you for each survey you complete successfully. Such sites include PaidViewpoint, American Consumer Opinion, Cash Crate, NPD Online Research, Palm Research, Squishy Cash and Toluna. In some cases, your “pay” from these survey sites may include points that are then used to purchase gift cards- but you can always turn around and sell those gift cards for actual money on sites like Cardpool.

Survey And A List Of Questions

#10 Perform on the streets

If you have skills to showcase your talent live on the street than its the another creative way to make pocket money. The legality of busking (street performance) is debatable and varies by location but it can be a great way to raise a money.  However Busking is a lot of fun but there are lot of effort behind it. “A performance must be compelling to take people’s eyes away from smartphones and billboard advertisements.”



Its time to turn on ideas to make money while being creative.


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